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Who Are We ?

Hello we are Ibrahim & Nuran, The story of our NCS brand started when I came together with my wife Nuran to realize a common dream.


We are both engineers, Nuran is a chemical engineer and I am a metallurgical and materials engineer. We worked in our profession for several years, but we felt that something was missing to realize our dream. ​ ​


We decided to turn the natural stone jewelry, which we started as a hobby in university years and designed with love, into a professional business. We started with natural stone jewelry, we also started the production of wooden boxes to better present our jewelry and added wooden home decorations. Our products, which are the combination of two different fields, are both original and special. ​ ​


The name of our brand comes from NCS (Nuran Candan Sezer), one of the initials of Nuran's name before she got married. Even in high school, Nuran used to write this coding on test papers, and I promised her we would brand it one day. By keeping our word, we created the NCS brand.


Today, as NCS, we produce natural stone jewelry and wooden home decorations. Our aim is not only to provide our customers with quality products, but also to meet their needs by establishing a personal relationship with each of them. ​ ​


It is important for us to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and services. That's why we want to show our customers how meaningful it is to do business with us by sharing the story behind our brand."

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Jewelry Art

logo siyah.png

Wood Art

Our Brand & Logo 

The flying birds in our logo symbolize the core values of our brand. Meanings such as freedom, speed, and mobility are the fundamental characteristics of the products and services we offer to our customers. Moreover, the use of birds as a symbol of freedom means that we want to provide our customers with flexibility, independence, and a free lifestyle.

In addition, the birds being a symbol of love, fame, success, good luck, prosperity, and abundance became our inspiration when designing our brand. Since the first day, the flying birds that have become integrated with our brand remind us that life is momentary and opportunities should not be missed. With the phrase "Life is short, birds are flying," we reinforce this thought.

All these symbolic meanings and values, combined with the story of the flying birds in our brand's logo, help our brand gain a strong place in our customers' minds. For us, birds symbolize the colors, beauties, and freedoms of life and make their presence felt in all elements of our brand 🕊

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