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All About ONYX : Properties, Physical and Mental Benefits, Astrological Effects, Color Variants

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Onyx stone is a powerful protective stone that helps to absorb negative energy and promote inner strength and confidence.

Onyx stone properties

Onyx stone is a kind of cryptocrystalline quartz stone belonging to the chalcedony mineral family. Although this stone, which has a hard, durable, glossy or matte surface, is the most well-known variety in black, it can also be found in colors such as brown, white, blue, red, green.

Onyx is considered a healing stone in many cultures. When used during meditation, it increases mental clarity and facilitates the transition to a calm state of mind. It is also used by many people for luck and protection.

Onyx stone has been preferred for centuries because of its unique mystical properties. Onyx has been a stone used in making ornaments and jewelry. It can be found in various forms of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings.

Physical and Mental Benefits

Onyx Stone has been used by people for centuries for its both mental and physical benefits.

Physical Benefits:

Immune System: Onyx stone is a natural stone that helps strengthen the immune system.

Circulatory System: Onyx stone regulates blood circulation by increasing the circulatory system and supports heart health. Digestive System: Onyx stone can maintain digestive system health and help reduce stomach problems. Bone and Joint Health: Onyx stone can help strengthen bones and joints, as well as be effective in preventing bone diseases. Skin Health: Onyx stone can support skin health and help reduce skin problems. Sleep and Stress: Onyx can reduce sleep problems and help reduce stress due to its calming effect. It is also said to promote healthy skin, nails and hair. Onyx is thought to help with problems with bones and teeth.

Mental Benefits:

Increasing focus and concentration: Onyx is believed to sharpen the mind and improve mental clarity, making it an ideal stone for those who need to concentrate on a task or study.

Reducing stress and anxiety: Onyx is said to soothe nerves and alleviate stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm and tranquility.

Enhancing inner strength and willpower: Onyx is associated with strength and determination, helping to boost self-confidence and willpower.

Promoting positive energy and emotional stability: Onyx is believed to absorb and transform negative energy, promoting emotional stability and a positive outlook.

Improving intuition and spiritual awareness: Onyx is said to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness, allowing for a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

Overall, onyx is considered to be a powerful stone for those seeking mental and emotional balance and strength.

Astrological Effects of Onyx Gemstone

Onyx gemstone is believed to have positive effects on all zodiac signs. It is said to bring stability, balance, and strength to the wearer, as well as help with grounding and focus. Onyx is also believed to be helpful in warding off negative energies and promoting positivity. Here are the astrological effects of Onyx gemstone for each zodiac sign:

  • Aries: Onyx can help Aries with their impulsive nature and provide a calming energy.

  • Taurus: Onyx can aid Taurus in emotional healing and balance.

  • Gemini: Onyx can help Gemini with communication skills and provide grounding energy.

  • Cancer: Onyx can aid Cancer in overcoming fears and provide emotional stability.

  • Leo: Onyx is considered a beneficial stone for those born under the Leo zodiac sign. It is believed to help Leos maintain their confidence, courage, and leadership abilities. It can also help them stay focused on their goals and overcome challenges.

  • Virgo: Onyx can aid Virgo in grounding and provide a boost in confidence.

  • Libra: Onyx can help Libra with decision-making and provide balance in relationships.

  • Scorpio: Onyx is associated with the Scorpio zodiac sign and is believed to help Scorpios overcome their fears, anxieties, and emotional turbulence. It can also enhance their intuition and psychic abilities.

  • Sagittarius: Onyx can help Sagittarius with focus and provide grounding energy.

  • Capricorn: Onyx is considered a powerful stone for Capricorns. It is believed to enhance their determination, ambition, and practicality. It can also help them stay grounded and make wise decisions.

  • Aquarius: Onyx can help Aquarius with grounding and provide protection from negative energies.

  • Pisces: Onyx can aid Pisces in emotional healing and provide a calming energy.

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By adding Onyx stone to your life, you can feel more open, self-confident and powerful. This stone also protects you from bad energies and can help you develop a positive outlook.

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