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Characteristics of Natural Stones: Their Energies and Benefits

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Natural stones carry some of the oldest and most powerful energies on Earth. These stones are considered a unique treasure offered by nature and have been used by humans for various purposes for centuries. These purposes include healing, protection, energy boosting, and meditation, among many others.

Here are some popular natural stones and their properties: Amethyst: Provides mental and emotional balance, reduces stress and has a relaxing effect.

Agate: Increases self-confidence, promotes courage and opens the mind. Moonstone: Strengthens feminine energy, provides spiritual balance and enhances intuition.

Clear Quartz: Encourages clarity, energy increase and positive thinking.

Lapis Lazuli: Facilitates communication, opens the mind and helps to discover one's inner nature.

Onyx: Provides strength and stability, increases self-confidence and balances energy.

Rose Quartz: Increases love energy, encourages creativity and strengthens inner peace. The energies of natural stones differ in many ways.

For example, some stones calm people down while others increase energy. Some are used in meditation processes by enhancing mental clarity. When you purchase a natural stone, it is important to feel if you are in harmony with the stone's energy. Therefore, holding the stones in your hands during the purchase process can help you choose the right stone. In conclusion, the energies and benefits of natural stones are quite diverse. Deciding which natural stone is right for you is a process based on research and personal experience. However, when chosen correctly, natural stones can provide great benefits for personal development and mind-body health

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